Wednesday, July 13, 2011

holy blog neglect batman! i still have a christmas backround!

Monday, December 13, 2010

the holidays make me feel normal

I think there is only so stressed a person can be, and only so much they can do. Once one reaches that point, u can just pile on the crap that needs to get done, and they just dont feel stressed because it is not physically possible to be more stressed than they already are. I am at that point.
So, when everyone else gets stressed over the holidays, if figure, we are all at the same level. We r all normal. we r all stressed to the max. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Levi has been a brat the past few weeks. Michael is working more, so I think he misses him and thats why. Still, not easy to deal with. i am going to be horrible w the teenage years! he does bad things and doesnt care when i punish him. very frustrating. I even called Santa this morning and told him not to bring Levi any gifts. he didnt even flinch!!!! however; the rest of the day he was pretty good. then he asked "mom, if im good, will santa bring me gifts next year?" awe. thinkin ahead. so, when i told him that if he earned 10 o's ( our behavior tracking system x's are bad o's are good) he could earn all his presents back, he said "oh mom, thank you so much! I needed to hear that! I promise i will turn into good! I will earn all those o's!" there is hope.
The girls r great. very clingy..not one of my favorite stages. but SO funny. Kaiah talks more, but not very clearly. Kaylee only says a few words but her pronunciation is amazing. SO strange! she walks around saying "hi" a lot. in her sweet lil voice. i LOVE it. the other day she said "daddy where are you" and i really didnt believe it was her who said it. i still dont. but she was the only person in the room. kaiah LOVES to read books! (well, for other people to read her books) so, if you ever need her to like you, grab a book :) she also likes when u build a tower and she can knock it down. its the little things i guess!
We went to see santa the other day. he was a wonderful santa! he spent SO much time talking to the kids. he even read brooklyns letter to santa (she wouldnt let him have it. lol) this was the first year the older kids really talked to him. usually they scream. not sure if it was the santa, their age, or both factors. whatever it was, i was happy w the visit. however, the decorations left something to be desired, so we may go see him again, elsewhere, for picture purposes :)
I made my first cookies for a party other than my own. i liked how they turned out. i think i baked them a little too long, but the piping was better than the first sesame st cookies i made. i am told i need to go into business, i am weary. i am extremely particular when it comes to icing..i know, im weird. Happy Birthday Ella!

i am annoyed w blogspot at the moment...i cant get my paragraphs to, i apologize if they all run together :)

This year we will celebrate xmas on the 21st, as daddy will fly out on the 24th and be gone for xmas. good thing the kids dont know dates yet. i will cross that bridge when i come to it. looking forward to having all my sis and bro at home! good times will be had! must go wrap presents! dont want to save it all for xmas eve!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When the twins (brooklyn and Levi) were 18 months old, i was overwhelmed w everything i had on my plate and decided it would be best for all of us to send them to preschool. looking back on that time in my life, I miss it. 2 kids...what a breeze. Not to mention 2 kids without additude. ah! those were the days. so, it makes me wonder, when they are teenagers, will i be longing for these days? probably.
Four year olds have additudes. No one told me this. And when 2 for year olds get together it gets worse. And when they convince you to let them share a room...LOOK OUT! I have had the 2 grouchiest, most hyper, craziest children ever. The word ritalin has entered my mind more than once this
so, I yell. all day, every day, I yell. I punish, i set the timer for the corner, i yell at them to stand in the corner, not sit and not touch the walls. no sitting, no leaning, no crying. those are micheals rules. which i have to reinforce. and i love ever minute of it. (insert sarcasm here).
on the other hand,The girls are doing well! (we refer to B+L as the twns and k+k as the girls. it makes sense to us) they seem to prefer walking of last nov 3-4 (note to self...put that in baby book). kaylee is much better at walking than kaiah. aka Kaiah is more fun to Kaylee can say "mommy"+"daddy' very clearly. Just this morning when i got Kaiah out of bed she waved and said "hi" to me. funny fat baby. Kaylee likes to head butt people. it seems to be her "love tap". shes so little. tiny love i call her.
Hark. I hear 2 children laughing too loud! time for more yelling before they wake up the girls! the blogging is always cut short...until next time!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

life w two 4 yr olds and two 1 yr olds

Well, i dont have enough time to take a nap or start a project, so I'll blog for as long as possible. let's see, Brooklyn and Levi had their 4th birthday in july. We went to cedar point and they had a BLAST! they are finally tall enough to ride a few roller coasters and water slides so the was a fun summer!! kaylee and Kaiah are ONE now! both still crawling (lazy). It doesnt help that B+L try to "help" them everytime they stand up and end up knocking them down. Kaylee got her first molar yesterday. She now has 6 teeth. Kaiah has 4. last dr appt Kaylee was in the 10th percentile and Kaiah in the 90th. yeah...very much opposites. They are officially off breastmilk and only take sippy cups. I wonder if its too early to start potty training? lol i just want to get all that crap over with :) Perhaps they should walk first.

We also got passes for cosi. so that on those rainy or incredibly hot days, we still have somewhere to go that is outside the house so that mommy doesnt loose it ;) Levi loves to go and stare at the model of titanic. The girls love to play in Kidspace, and Brooklyn likes to go into kidspace and form a lil possy and act like mother hen.

We are pretty sure that when we sell this house we are moving to Pheonix. Michael and I went to visit for my birthday and LOVED it. We are taking everyone out there at the end of Oct. Very exciting stuff. Then our friends can come visit in the winter and we will actually get to spend quality time with them!

Hark...i hear children out of their beds! until next time! see ya!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

well, i am just going to have to admit that i am a random blogger. i only blog when i have something to procrastinate. right now i don't feel like pumping and nothing is happening on facebook.
kids are doing lovely. brooklyn and "L.J" dont ever listen and only help when rewarded with candy. typical 3 yr olds. kaylee has 2 teeth and Kaiah is stting up and getting up on her hands and knees.
we still havent sold the house, and are anxious to do so because we r thinking of putting the next batch of embryos in in august. *sigh* no room for more babies in this house. maybe move somewhere a little warmer?
Michael and i started running. Never thought i would say that. i think i was famous for my 17 min mile in highschool..haha... (thank you Marie for the inspiration) We r up to 2+ mi/day 3 days a week. i barely make i through but i do it! we r running the race for the cure on may 15th. so nervous.
ok..that was a lot of gonna go pump. peace out.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My apologies for being so behind in my blogging. Seems I'm not as addicted as I thought I would be :)

Well, the girls were born on August 21st, 2009.

Kaylee was 6lbs 9.2oz 19"-48cm Born at 2:13pm

Kaiah was 7lbs 1.4oz 19" - 48cm Born at 2:15pm

surgery went well (besides the incredibly painful infection it caused 4 weeks later. but at the time it had seemed to go well). All of us went home 3 days later which was a completely different experience than Brooklyn and Levi.

Speaking of brooklyn and Levi, they are OBSESSED with their new sisters! they cannot get enuf! they r such good helpers (most of the time). They are always asking to hold the babies and i am constantly having to tell them to stay away from their faces. They, of course, ignore me, so the girls had their first colds at 3 weeks old. poor babies.

The girls turned 1 month old yesterday. They r doing well and have not slept thru the night yet, but im hoping soon! they have there one month appt on thursday. We'll see if i get the measurements and weights on here ha! yeah right! me? blog twice in one week? its unheard of!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Name that pony...

Ok, so if anyone knows all the names of the my little ponies, hand em over.

Brooklyn is insisting that i look up all their names so she can memorize them, however i am finding thats not an easy thing to do. so, when she began to cry because I couldn't find all of them...I made them up. cruel, I know. especially because now she is practicing with the fake names.
We have sunshine (yellow one of course), raincloud (turquoise), scoot-a-loo (orange), grape (yeah i know i got stuck and the freakin horse was purple), and lilac(light purple).

yup, Im a mean mom...she will be made fun of when all her friends start liking ponies too...hahahaha. oh well.