Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My apologies for being so behind in my blogging. Seems I'm not as addicted as I thought I would be :)

Well, the girls were born on August 21st, 2009.

Kaylee was 6lbs 9.2oz 19"-48cm Born at 2:13pm

Kaiah was 7lbs 1.4oz 19" - 48cm Born at 2:15pm

surgery went well (besides the incredibly painful infection it caused 4 weeks later. but at the time it had seemed to go well). All of us went home 3 days later which was a completely different experience than Brooklyn and Levi.

Speaking of brooklyn and Levi, they are OBSESSED with their new sisters! they cannot get enuf! they r such good helpers (most of the time). They are always asking to hold the babies and i am constantly having to tell them to stay away from their faces. They, of course, ignore me, so the girls had their first colds at 3 weeks old. poor babies.

The girls turned 1 month old yesterday. They r doing well and have not slept thru the night yet, but im hoping soon! they have there one month appt on thursday. We'll see if i get the measurements and weights on here ha! yeah right! me? blog twice in one week? its unheard of!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Name that pony...

Ok, so if anyone knows all the names of the my little ponies, hand em over.

Brooklyn is insisting that i look up all their names so she can memorize them, however i am finding thats not an easy thing to do. so, when she began to cry because I couldn't find all of them...I made them up. cruel, I know. especially because now she is practicing with the fake names.
We have sunshine (yellow one of course), raincloud (turquoise), scoot-a-loo (orange), grape (yeah i know i got stuck and the freakin horse was purple), and lilac(light purple).

yup, Im a mean mom...she will be made fun of when all her friends start liking ponies too...hahahaha. oh well.
ok, so once again I am behind in my blogging. sleep has taken a priority in the evenings as the extra weight is killing me and the not being able to breathe all the way in doesnt help. the big ol belly is back. 51.5 inches around. Mind you i was 55inches around at delivery with brooklyn+levi.

but enuf about me...

at the last high risk appt on may 15th, we found out kaylee's brain cyst is gone....woohoo! both girls are breech, which is fine because im having a c-section anyway. kaylee is 1lb 4 oz and Kaia is 1 lb 7 oz. both are 14 inches long i believe. (if i would blog regularly i probably would be more accurate with my stats)

Looking down, both girls heads



Kaia waving...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

NAMES & 3D/4D ultrasound

Ok, so many folks are askin the names of these lil girls. We decided to share them this time around. So far, Unless we run across another name we can't resist, Baby A will be named: Kaylee Mae, and Baby B will be named: Kaya Hensley :-)

Also, last monday, April 22nd, Michael, Nana and I went to see our girls in a 3D ultrasound. Something we also went to do with Brooklyn and Levi. It's just so cool to see their lil faces before they r born.
They r laying face to butt, so poor Kaylee gets kicked in the face all day by Kaya. I'm wondering if by the time they are born, they will have to lay like that in order to fall asleep!

Kaylee's face/ Kaya's foot..poor Kaylee...

Kaya's face next to Kaylee's butt...


there aren't many great pix of Kaylee because she was hiding her face to protect from the kicks :-)
Still no news about Kaylee's brain thing, but she's moving around a lot so I'm hoping that's a good sign. Hopefully we will find out some good news on May 15th...shrink cyst, shrink! :-)

Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13th Ultrasound...it's a _____ and a _____!

It's two girls!

We are VERY excited to have two more girls on the way! We don't have names yet, but we sure are thinkin about it! brooklyn has been saying it's 2 pink babies and she was right! Poor Levi will have lots of girls to protect! He told me he will keep them all safe tho...what a good lil man. He also made up a song for the babies...

The Babies Song...

Baby Sunshine...

While we are very excited to have two girls, we are slightly on edge because Baby A has a small cyst on her brain. The Dr said that these cyst can be associated with trisomy 18/ Edwards syndrome, but are usually accompanied by other major defects such as a heart and/or kidney defect. None of which she has. So, for now we just pray and hope it goes away.

Other than that both babies are doing well. baby A is 8 oz (right on target according to babycenter.com) and Baby B is 10 oz. Baby A is lying low across by belly and flips from her back to belly all day long! really helping mommy out with the nausea :) Baby B is head down along my right side. Feet already up by my ribs. Should make the next 4 months fun! Every time B gets kicked in the head, I'll get kicked in the ribs! haha.

Now its time to go through ALL the baby clothes and separate all the boy and girl stuff and organize by size. I cant wait to see all those lil onsies again! This is the fun part! I ordered the nursery furniture last month and the bedding last night...I'll post a pic for those who I know are going to ask anyway....



Now, I just cant wait for that nesting phase...

Scary Bunnies, Easter eggs and Candy...OH MY!

This easter was way more fun than last year! The kids really got into hunting for eggs and the easter bunny. What a fun age! The Easter bunny brought Brooklyn a carseat for her baby doll "Baby Yoop", and Levi a guitar! Levi is very good at jammin with his guitar. he bounces around and strums like he knows what hes doing. I see lessons in his future!

For dinner we went to Aunt sheila's house. We had lots of fun! It gave Levi a chance to jam with Uncle Dave (who plays guitar) and for Uncle dave to tune the guitar(since mommy and daddy are tone deaf).

Brooklyn got her nails painted by queen sara and aunt kelly. Of course she was in her glory. Uncle matt showed us magic tricks and brooklyn was quick to figure them out. lil smarty pants!

Hope everyone had a great easter! Tomorrow we find out the sex of the babies!

March 23rd ultrasound

ok, ok I'm behind again. Go figure. I think the only time I will be on top of this whole blogging thing is when/if I have to go on bedrest...

so, this appointment was to measure my cervix and be sure i didnt need a cerclage. it needed to be between 20-30mm and it was 38. woohoo! so I'm all good so far. I really don't want to be sewn shut!

Babies are both doing well and measuring normal. Both heart rates are 148bpm. next appt we find out the sexes!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Disney World and birthday party...so fun!

ok so I am being shamed by blogs of friends. I dont know how you all r so on top of it! ah, so i must play catch up.

Today we went to the triplets first birthday party! (happy birthday Happy birthday happy birthday!) Brooklyn and levi have been talking about it all week, but of course when we got there Levi was a grouch and Brooklyn was acting shy. We had lot of fun with stickers and Brooklyn was very happy to have somewhere to wear her "party dress". The girls r so tiny, I cant remember when Brooklyn and Levi were that small. So precious.

Other than that, this past month was pretty much occupied by our trip to disney world. We had so much fun! we were there for 2 weeks. We ate at the T-rex cafe, went to all the parks, twice, even the waterpark! (we LOVE the waterpark) Both Levi and Brooklyn went down some pretty big slides by themselves! they grow up so fast :(

Brooklyn got to go to the Bippiti Boppiti Boutique and had her hair and nails done, then we went to dinner with cinderella! We had GREAT seats! cinderella even asked Brooklyn to dance! (tho she was scared of "Prince Charmin" so he had to leave) Brooklyn was the happiest girl in the world! Daddy even cried cuz he was so happy for her...hahahaha!

now, I only have 1400 pictures from disney world so as soon and i pick the best ones i will post them :)

Batch #2 is doing well. I felt them once or twice them other day (which is a feeling i have missed! so cool!)

Stay tooned for more disney pix...I will try to get them on tonight, but no promises ;)

Monday, March 2, 2009

march 2nd ultrasound

we went to the high risk dr today...everything is great so far, they r just worried I will go into early labor like last time so they r keeping a close eye on everything. babies are measuring just on target and they were moving around like crazy (tho i can't feel it yet).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Heard one lil heartbeat!

we ordered a heartbeat doppler and even tho they say u won't hear until 10 weeks, I tried it lastnight and I heard one lil heartbeat! yay! so exciting. Couldn't find baby b, but I'm not worried. It's still early :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brooklyn = drama

So, apparently you shouldn't let your 2 year old see you with morning sickness...

New soups!

well, we found out we were pregnant on new years eve, and found out it is twins last friday! yay! we are so excited! I am extremely sick, all day everyday, but its the price I must pay :) i am officially done with the fertility clinic and my first regular dr appt is on feb 9th. I can't wait to see those heartbeats again and know they are ok.

Change of Website

welcome to the new site! The old website (barwicksoup.com) is almost expired, and was incredibly difficult to update, so i thought we'd move on to bigger and better things! hopefully I can figure all this out soon!