Thursday, April 30, 2009

NAMES & 3D/4D ultrasound

Ok, so many folks are askin the names of these lil girls. We decided to share them this time around. So far, Unless we run across another name we can't resist, Baby A will be named: Kaylee Mae, and Baby B will be named: Kaya Hensley :-)

Also, last monday, April 22nd, Michael, Nana and I went to see our girls in a 3D ultrasound. Something we also went to do with Brooklyn and Levi. It's just so cool to see their lil faces before they r born.
They r laying face to butt, so poor Kaylee gets kicked in the face all day by Kaya. I'm wondering if by the time they are born, they will have to lay like that in order to fall asleep!

Kaylee's face/ Kaya's foot..poor Kaylee...

Kaya's face next to Kaylee's butt...


there aren't many great pix of Kaylee because she was hiding her face to protect from the kicks :-)
Still no news about Kaylee's brain thing, but she's moving around a lot so I'm hoping that's a good sign. Hopefully we will find out some good news on May 15th...shrink cyst, shrink! :-)

Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13th's a _____ and a _____!

It's two girls!

We are VERY excited to have two more girls on the way! We don't have names yet, but we sure are thinkin about it! brooklyn has been saying it's 2 pink babies and she was right! Poor Levi will have lots of girls to protect! He told me he will keep them all safe tho...what a good lil man. He also made up a song for the babies...

The Babies Song...

Baby Sunshine...

While we are very excited to have two girls, we are slightly on edge because Baby A has a small cyst on her brain. The Dr said that these cyst can be associated with trisomy 18/ Edwards syndrome, but are usually accompanied by other major defects such as a heart and/or kidney defect. None of which she has. So, for now we just pray and hope it goes away.

Other than that both babies are doing well. baby A is 8 oz (right on target according to and Baby B is 10 oz. Baby A is lying low across by belly and flips from her back to belly all day long! really helping mommy out with the nausea :) Baby B is head down along my right side. Feet already up by my ribs. Should make the next 4 months fun! Every time B gets kicked in the head, I'll get kicked in the ribs! haha.

Now its time to go through ALL the baby clothes and separate all the boy and girl stuff and organize by size. I cant wait to see all those lil onsies again! This is the fun part! I ordered the nursery furniture last month and the bedding last night...I'll post a pic for those who I know are going to ask anyway....



Now, I just cant wait for that nesting phase...

Scary Bunnies, Easter eggs and Candy...OH MY!

This easter was way more fun than last year! The kids really got into hunting for eggs and the easter bunny. What a fun age! The Easter bunny brought Brooklyn a carseat for her baby doll "Baby Yoop", and Levi a guitar! Levi is very good at jammin with his guitar. he bounces around and strums like he knows what hes doing. I see lessons in his future!

For dinner we went to Aunt sheila's house. We had lots of fun! It gave Levi a chance to jam with Uncle Dave (who plays guitar) and for Uncle dave to tune the guitar(since mommy and daddy are tone deaf).

Brooklyn got her nails painted by queen sara and aunt kelly. Of course she was in her glory. Uncle matt showed us magic tricks and brooklyn was quick to figure them out. lil smarty pants!

Hope everyone had a great easter! Tomorrow we find out the sex of the babies!

March 23rd ultrasound

ok, ok I'm behind again. Go figure. I think the only time I will be on top of this whole blogging thing is when/if I have to go on bedrest...

so, this appointment was to measure my cervix and be sure i didnt need a cerclage. it needed to be between 20-30mm and it was 38. woohoo! so I'm all good so far. I really don't want to be sewn shut!

Babies are both doing well and measuring normal. Both heart rates are 148bpm. next appt we find out the sexes!