Monday, April 13, 2009

Scary Bunnies, Easter eggs and Candy...OH MY!

This easter was way more fun than last year! The kids really got into hunting for eggs and the easter bunny. What a fun age! The Easter bunny brought Brooklyn a carseat for her baby doll "Baby Yoop", and Levi a guitar! Levi is very good at jammin with his guitar. he bounces around and strums like he knows what hes doing. I see lessons in his future!

For dinner we went to Aunt sheila's house. We had lots of fun! It gave Levi a chance to jam with Uncle Dave (who plays guitar) and for Uncle dave to tune the guitar(since mommy and daddy are tone deaf).

Brooklyn got her nails painted by queen sara and aunt kelly. Of course she was in her glory. Uncle matt showed us magic tricks and brooklyn was quick to figure them out. lil smarty pants!

Hope everyone had a great easter! Tomorrow we find out the sex of the babies!

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