Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ok, so once again I am behind in my blogging. sleep has taken a priority in the evenings as the extra weight is killing me and the not being able to breathe all the way in doesnt help. the big ol belly is back. 51.5 inches around. Mind you i was 55inches around at delivery with brooklyn+levi.

but enuf about me...

at the last high risk appt on may 15th, we found out kaylee's brain cyst is gone....woohoo! both girls are breech, which is fine because im having a c-section anyway. kaylee is 1lb 4 oz and Kaia is 1 lb 7 oz. both are 14 inches long i believe. (if i would blog regularly i probably would be more accurate with my stats)

Looking down, both girls heads



Kaia waving...

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  1. U are not a mean mommy you are inventive:) I love that story!