Sunday, April 4, 2010

well, i am just going to have to admit that i am a random blogger. i only blog when i have something to procrastinate. right now i don't feel like pumping and nothing is happening on facebook.
kids are doing lovely. brooklyn and "L.J" dont ever listen and only help when rewarded with candy. typical 3 yr olds. kaylee has 2 teeth and Kaiah is stting up and getting up on her hands and knees.
we still havent sold the house, and are anxious to do so because we r thinking of putting the next batch of embryos in in august. *sigh* no room for more babies in this house. maybe move somewhere a little warmer?
Michael and i started running. Never thought i would say that. i think i was famous for my 17 min mile in highschool..haha... (thank you Marie for the inspiration) We r up to 2+ mi/day 3 days a week. i barely make i through but i do it! we r running the race for the cure on may 15th. so nervous.
ok..that was a lot of gonna go pump. peace out.

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