Thursday, September 16, 2010

life w two 4 yr olds and two 1 yr olds

Well, i dont have enough time to take a nap or start a project, so I'll blog for as long as possible. let's see, Brooklyn and Levi had their 4th birthday in july. We went to cedar point and they had a BLAST! they are finally tall enough to ride a few roller coasters and water slides so the was a fun summer!! kaylee and Kaiah are ONE now! both still crawling (lazy). It doesnt help that B+L try to "help" them everytime they stand up and end up knocking them down. Kaylee got her first molar yesterday. She now has 6 teeth. Kaiah has 4. last dr appt Kaylee was in the 10th percentile and Kaiah in the 90th. yeah...very much opposites. They are officially off breastmilk and only take sippy cups. I wonder if its too early to start potty training? lol i just want to get all that crap over with :) Perhaps they should walk first.

We also got passes for cosi. so that on those rainy or incredibly hot days, we still have somewhere to go that is outside the house so that mommy doesnt loose it ;) Levi loves to go and stare at the model of titanic. The girls love to play in Kidspace, and Brooklyn likes to go into kidspace and form a lil possy and act like mother hen.

We are pretty sure that when we sell this house we are moving to Pheonix. Michael and I went to visit for my birthday and LOVED it. We are taking everyone out there at the end of Oct. Very exciting stuff. Then our friends can come visit in the winter and we will actually get to spend quality time with them!

Hark...i hear children out of their beds! until next time! see ya!

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