Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When the twins (brooklyn and Levi) were 18 months old, i was overwhelmed w everything i had on my plate and decided it would be best for all of us to send them to preschool. looking back on that time in my life, I miss it. 2 kids...what a breeze. Not to mention 2 kids without additude. ah! those were the days. so, it makes me wonder, when they are teenagers, will i be longing for these days? probably.
Four year olds have additudes. No one told me this. And when 2 for year olds get together it gets worse. And when they convince you to let them share a room...LOOK OUT! I have had the 2 grouchiest, most hyper, craziest children ever. The word ritalin has entered my mind more than once this
so, I yell. all day, every day, I yell. I punish, i set the timer for the corner, i yell at them to stand in the corner, not sit and not touch the walls. no sitting, no leaning, no crying. those are micheals rules. which i have to reinforce. and i love ever minute of it. (insert sarcasm here).
on the other hand,The girls are doing well! (we refer to B+L as the twns and k+k as the girls. it makes sense to us) they seem to prefer walking of last nov 3-4 (note to self...put that in baby book). kaylee is much better at walking than kaiah. aka Kaiah is more fun to Kaylee can say "mommy"+"daddy' very clearly. Just this morning when i got Kaiah out of bed she waved and said "hi" to me. funny fat baby. Kaylee likes to head butt people. it seems to be her "love tap". shes so little. tiny love i call her.
Hark. I hear 2 children laughing too loud! time for more yelling before they wake up the girls! the blogging is always cut short...until next time!

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  1. Love you sarcasm. I know how hard it must be to reinforce the no sitting, crying, leaning on your own. I know you do a fabulous job as a Momma. You only need to look at your four blessings to know they come from a super fun and loving family!! Love that Kaiah said Hi to you! That must have melted your heart! Love those moments.

    On the fence about preschool for Elle next year. Not sure what to do!

    Talk to you later Momma!! Kerri