Monday, December 13, 2010

the holidays make me feel normal

I think there is only so stressed a person can be, and only so much they can do. Once one reaches that point, u can just pile on the crap that needs to get done, and they just dont feel stressed because it is not physically possible to be more stressed than they already are. I am at that point.
So, when everyone else gets stressed over the holidays, if figure, we are all at the same level. We r all normal. we r all stressed to the max. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Levi has been a brat the past few weeks. Michael is working more, so I think he misses him and thats why. Still, not easy to deal with. i am going to be horrible w the teenage years! he does bad things and doesnt care when i punish him. very frustrating. I even called Santa this morning and told him not to bring Levi any gifts. he didnt even flinch!!!! however; the rest of the day he was pretty good. then he asked "mom, if im good, will santa bring me gifts next year?" awe. thinkin ahead. so, when i told him that if he earned 10 o's ( our behavior tracking system x's are bad o's are good) he could earn all his presents back, he said "oh mom, thank you so much! I needed to hear that! I promise i will turn into good! I will earn all those o's!" there is hope.
The girls r great. very clingy..not one of my favorite stages. but SO funny. Kaiah talks more, but not very clearly. Kaylee only says a few words but her pronunciation is amazing. SO strange! she walks around saying "hi" a lot. in her sweet lil voice. i LOVE it. the other day she said "daddy where are you" and i really didnt believe it was her who said it. i still dont. but she was the only person in the room. kaiah LOVES to read books! (well, for other people to read her books) so, if you ever need her to like you, grab a book :) she also likes when u build a tower and she can knock it down. its the little things i guess!
We went to see santa the other day. he was a wonderful santa! he spent SO much time talking to the kids. he even read brooklyns letter to santa (she wouldnt let him have it. lol) this was the first year the older kids really talked to him. usually they scream. not sure if it was the santa, their age, or both factors. whatever it was, i was happy w the visit. however, the decorations left something to be desired, so we may go see him again, elsewhere, for picture purposes :)
I made my first cookies for a party other than my own. i liked how they turned out. i think i baked them a little too long, but the piping was better than the first sesame st cookies i made. i am told i need to go into business, i am weary. i am extremely particular when it comes to icing..i know, im weird. Happy Birthday Ella!

i am annoyed w blogspot at the moment...i cant get my paragraphs to, i apologize if they all run together :)

This year we will celebrate xmas on the 21st, as daddy will fly out on the 24th and be gone for xmas. good thing the kids dont know dates yet. i will cross that bridge when i come to it. looking forward to having all my sis and bro at home! good times will be had! must go wrap presents! dont want to save it all for xmas eve!!!


  1. Great post about the stress levels!! Hang in there with L. My sis's boys were a handful in the early years and now they are dream children!!

    I know what you mean about the cling stage. Hard to get things done and then when you do you end up feeling guilty.

    Where did you see the Santa? We have not got the picture taken yet.

    As far as the cookies, they were amazing! You did not overbake them at all! They were so fresh and adorable. You have crazy talent! I ate a cookie monster again today and it was yummy!! Thanks so much! You need to start a business in full swing as your New Year's resolution.


  2. we saw him at the kids old preschool. Goddard in canal. I think we will go to easton next week. unless u wanna meet at polaris or something to see him together?

  3. Levi totally needs to get a haircut first!